Everything has a beginning, including the timeless songs of the debut of singer Nona. In the early twenties, but with the voice of an old soul, full of raw soul and above all, heartwarming. You can warm your numb hands to every sentence that Nona sings, from the dilapidated nightclub grandeur with she pronounces ‘sealed my lips’ in the steaming album opener ‘It’s Alright’.

Everything has a beginning and the beginning of Nona’s music lay in her home, a bastion of music love. Broad music love, with a heart of rock.
The house lay first in a small village in the Netherlands, then a campsite, then moved to a town where her parents had a recordstore.
“You could even smoke in their recordstore, so people often chilled for hours on a barstool. I also loved to come their often, even during the breaks at school”
From home she was encouraged to play music herself, tried the flute, piano and the guitar, but Nona’s instrument was determined, her voice!

When Nona was in secondary school her father suddenly died. What followed were years of unrest and rebellion. Went from school to school, did some jobs in clothingstores, restaurants and a coffeeshop, travelled to Curacao to work in a holidaypark and a whiskeybar.
Laughing: “Fired there, even three times…but we had fun!”

Back in Holland and finished for the first time school with a diploma!, she met Steve, an older English blues guitarist with a love for The Stones and Howlin’ Wolf. They started playing together in pubs, during jam sessions and the streets in Eindhoven, Den Bosch and London etc. , unreinforced or, preferably, strengthened. “Sometimes that wasn’t allowed, then we were send away”

Nona was singing since Christmas concerts at school.. “This is what I want to do, to sing, from Otis Redding to Etta James initially, but on her mini-room in Eindhoven she soon started writing her own texts. She has been doing this infinitely ever since, in a seemingly endless stream of fully written notebooks. “I am always writing, really always…”

She started writing with others, to the interest of a major record label and a major publisher company, to the acceleration of creativity and eventually led to a recording studio in New York, where she was introduced to a bunch of great American musicians. “It became more and more what I meant”, the rock of home, the blues from Steve, the hip-hop love of herself, all these influences flowed together. What she meant it has become, a warm bath from a debut, from the sensitive and very personal ‘Sleeptalking’ to the swinging declaration of love in ‘Givin’ It All’, from the groove that propels the cinematic ‘Last To Know’ to the in dazzling soul wrapped venom of ‘Big Talk, Small Town’

Nona is proud of her band, her six-piece (and sometimes even nine-piece live band) with whom she already played several nice shows and festivals like Noorderslag, Down The Rabbit Hole and Parkpop. Herself she went to festivals with her family and friends as a child. She was crazy about it and that didn’t change a thing! “How an artist is live is, all-important”
So that’s what Nona wants, bring her music live to everyone, everywhere. “There’s nothing better and more fun to see a band live on stage, then you really see and feel it and that is what I want, that it comes in!”